Comments - Video: The Crusher’s World Record Semi-Truck Jump

Published: Oct 17, 2011
Description: Straight from Evergreen Speedway in Washington State comes a video of a fearless driver going for broke in his semi-truck. The truck builds up speed for a few laps and then hits a jump. Now, you woul...
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Description: The weight of the huge back wheels must have helped a bit, but it's a fair point. In any case, the jump and cajones needed to pull this is off is quite spectacular. Check out the clip below of the The...
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Brandon Manworren Oct 19, 2011
I also hate California, I live in Indiana too many illegals.
Mike Hawk Oct 19, 2011
What's with the Canuck hate?!? Ive only been to BC, but I can tell you that it's MUCH nicer than Calif. If I was younger and wasn't so established, I'd pack up and move there with 2 middle fingers towards California.
Brandon Manworren Oct 18, 2011
Sweet army Canada hahahaha. That is all.
Duncan Gibson Oct 18, 2011
Aaron, three think overs and then u can ask a friend if it's a good idea, then ask ur grandma the same thing. Then post.
Mike Hawk Oct 18, 2011
I've just given Canadians 2 instant reasons to feel ashamed. However, thank you Canada for assembling our Camaro.
Mike Hawk Oct 18, 2011
...and so does Drake!
Mike Hawk Oct 18, 2011
Blackberry sucks berry balls!
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 17, 2011
There's also an American flag for those who didn't notice there own country.
Sebastian Grey Oct 17, 2011
Canadians go into Washington all the time.
Vince DeMasi Oct 17, 2011
The article says it's in Washington state not canada
Chris Benson Oct 17, 2011
Dudes got bowling balls between his legs, and a sweet pea for a brain.
Aaron Barker Oct 17, 2011
Only in Canada can you find someone stupid enough to break a semi like that lol
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 17, 2011
There was a Canadian flag
Zach Andres Oct 17, 2011
his truck is dead, yay Canadians
Kevin Rehbock Oct 17, 2011
This is at the top of my bucket list. Jumping a truck cab
Thibault Leroy Oct 17, 2011
can you imagine how much that would hurt your balls...
Irvenderjit Singh Pannu Oct 17, 2011
May the crusher's soul rest in peace
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 18, 2011
Sorry, of course I read the articles I just wasnt focusing on the word 'Crusher'. You can calm down now
Will Revene Oct 17, 2011
Do you need the articles? Or at least the frikin title? Yes it says crusher.
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 17, 2011
Does it say 'Crusher'?