Description: Although the expedition took place in December 2010, it wasn't until this week that Guinness recognized the tremendous 1,434 mile journey across the Antarctic High Plateau organized by the Kazakh...
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Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
@Biswajyoti They still stole the idea. North Pole or South Pole has nothing to do with it
KeX Lim Oct 16, 2011
@Brandon. 13mph across the Antarctic is lame? I seriously doubt you'll survive a journey there.
Brandon Manworren Oct 16, 2011
Much rather have my SVT Raptor tear through the desert than some lame 13mph journey through the snow.
Biswajyoti Das Oct 16, 2011
Top gear took the Hilux to the north pole.
Michael Palazzo Oct 16, 2011
hmmm...I wonder where they got that idea...cough cough...(top gear)
Description: The four members that took part in the expedition included Hlynur Sigurdsson from Arctic Trucks, the off-road tuning company responsible for building the vehicles. The pair of 3.0-liter, 170hp turbodi...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 16, 2011
That would suck so bad to have to carry all that stuff. Congrats to these guys though
Sylvain Durocher Oct 18, 2011
Nice !!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!
Mike Hawk Oct 17, 2011
TheTGUK Hilux was definitely better. It had a hitch mounted toilet, for crying out loud.
Alex Kovac Oct 16, 2011
Hah, top gear special
Sebastian Grey Oct 16, 2011
But their Hilux was better and they were probably funnier.
Sam Oglesby Oct 16, 2011
remind me of top gear
KeX Lim Oct 17, 2011
@Payne. Agreed. Just look at what Top Gear did to a Toyota Hilux in the indestructible truck video. And of course the Polar Special as well as the drive up that volcano in Iceland.
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 17, 2011
Philip if you truly believe that then all the power to you but when you look at all the facts Toyota does make some pretty strong trucks especially or the uk and Europe
Mike Hawk Oct 17, 2011
Humor us, Jesse. What exactly does your gramps have?
Phillip Greene Oct 17, 2011
Nothing toyota is beast.... Exept the 2jz
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 16, 2011
If your grandpa has a truck that could stomp this truck then props to him cuz this Toyota is a freaking beast
Jesse Almeida Oct 16, 2011
Ya my grandpas pickup could stomp that Toyota any day of the week
Dexter Cordero Oct 16, 2011
This ain't your grandpa's pickup
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 28, 2011
I'm almost convinced I'm missing something here! Where's the diff?
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 16, 2011
I think that the front truck is 4 wheel and the second truck is front wheel to save weight sense it doesn't have to track itself and it can just follow the first truck and therefore save gas
Michael Wilson Oct 16, 2011
thats crazy to this with FWD
David Rosenberg Oct 16, 2011
The back of this thing is all beaten up
Shane Carroll Oct 16, 2011
I can't find one. I've heard FWD is good in the snow but I'd want 4x4 here
Anthony Noon Oct 16, 2011
That is pretty f'in odd...huh?
Nick Benz Oct 16, 2011
And where is the rear diff on this truck? I cant find it. I would be extremely suprised to find out they did this with a Front wheel drive.
Nick Benz Oct 16, 2011
In the left half of the pic it looks like theres a cave painting of a horse on the rock. Its facing left if that helps
Jack Huford Oct 16, 2011
I thought I saw frozen whales in one pic,
Shane Carroll Oct 16, 2011
Oh look a rock. Probably the most exciting thing they saw the entire trip