Comments - Volkswagen To Unveil Two New Vehicles In LA

Published: Oct 14, 2011
Description: Volkswagen has announced that they will be unveiling two new vehicles at the upcoming LA Auto Show, although they haven't told us which. It would be safe to assume that one of these will be a con...
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Description: We're not sure that would really qualify as a new vehicle though, and perhaps a more likely vehicle would be a production version of the Bulli Concept that was shown in Geneva back in March. We d...
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Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
@Alex I talked to a guy from VW awhile back. As far as he knows, we aren't getting it :( (b/c VW is really stupid w/ handling the US) But we will be getting the Golf R
Alex Klemstein Oct 14, 2011
They should bring the Scirocco to America.
Tajul Islam Oct 16, 2011
Naah I 100% agree with u on that. It's really cool.
Jovani Marcus Matos Oct 14, 2011
So freaking cool. I know I'm the minority on this one lmao
Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
@Kenny I agree. Less girly, but still girly
Kenny Hernandez Oct 14, 2011
Still looks like a girls car...
Nicholas Britt Oct 14, 2011
Drop the comparisons,two different cars for two different markets,both do the job.
Kevin Rehbock Oct 14, 2011
A Beetle and a 911? No contest. 911 > Beetle
David Eslava Oct 14, 2011
that's is better looking and faster than the original 911
Jeff Bayura Oct 14, 2011
This Beetle R looks pretty cool. I wouldnt mind driving one.
Nicholas Britt Oct 14, 2011
I'll keep my 1968 1500 beetle,but would seriously consider adding this to my wishlist