Comments - Video: Jeremy Clarkson is Powered Up For Speed

Published: Oct 11, 2011
Description: Every car guy/girl loves a good test track. How about a winding road along a glorious mountain range? Then throw in a Lamborghini, an Eagle E-Type, and a McLaren MP4-12c. This couldn't sound ...
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Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 11, 2011
Um, no. Throw in a Stig or two, then it's perfect. If you don't, the drivers will get overexcited. Then we'll have Lambos and McLarens falling down canyons and going in trenches. And the only place the cars'll come out: the evening breaking news.
Description: Driving some of the fastest cars in the world today, Clarkson is out on the Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France having the time of his life. Sadly, the most we can do is watch him have all of t...
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Hector Delgado Oct 17, 2011
I wish I had his job :(
Michael Gallagher Oct 12, 2011
He is just a man that got it right
Kevin Callejas Oct 11, 2011
Calarkson is a legend
Sam C-h Oct 11, 2011
@Jon yes but we all know in his next life he'll be a bottom feeder in a filthy lake.
Jon Dustin House Oct 11, 2011
Jeremy Clarkson must have done something good in his former life to lead the one he does now.
Shane Carroll Oct 11, 2011
Where do I sign up to get this job
Biswajyoti Das Oct 11, 2011
What us the fag Indian karun chandok doing in the video?
Tyson Broadbent Oct 11, 2011
No, that ones different. This is Brutus, made in the UK.
Raymond Reynoso Oct 11, 2011
Is that the Leno Tank Car?
Nathaniel Young Oct 11, 2011
Christ, how many liters is that engine ?