Description: The United States Army has teamed up with engineering firm Ricardo (the guys who built the engine for the McLaren MP4-12C supercar) to develop a more fuel-efficient armored vehicle to use in wartime s...
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Ken Madison Oct 11, 2011
Trying to make war more "efficient" is how you get people killed.... I seem to recall Saving .5 pennies on each round of 5.56 ammunition by using a different type of powder cost thousands there lives In Vietnam... Stick with what works
Duncan Gibson Oct 12, 2011
The front looks like a happy tonk a toy's face
Joshua Arnott Oct 12, 2011
@miftah, they're building an armored humvee, I don't think they were worried about the environment. They wanted fuel efficiency for strategic purposes.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 12, 2011
The car's made of plastic. That's bad. I mean bad for the environment.
Alfredo Diaz Oct 11, 2011
Forget about a squirl you can run over a small town and not even notice
Wes Stone Oct 11, 2011
How do they see out the widows your sure to run over a squirl
Description: The ALPHA is an ultra-safe personnel carrier that was designed for fuel-efficiency and safety in combat zones. The military-spec vehicle was built with an Alcoa Defense aluminum structure with an unde...
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Jimmy Atkinson Oct 13, 2011
Maybe it's just my thinking, but don't Goodyears fuelmax tires usually have shitty tread? I would rather have some good meaty A/Ts to get my ass out of the mud and away from bullets, than I would some "fuel efficient" tires with very little tread....
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 12, 2011
Look at that. Maybe I'm wrong but I could've sworn I saw a sh*load of comments on this page.
Andrew Hubbard Oct 11, 2011
Luis is on a roll. Keep going please!!!
Michael Beach Oct 11, 2011
Don't humvees have run flats? Putting a regular tire that can be shot out on these is a dumb idea. Use the new airless honeycomb wheels!
Description: He continued: "Each technology that made its way onto the vehicle was properly vetted to ensure that it aided in achieving the program goals of making a fuel efficient and creditable military veh...
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Brandon Morgan Jan 18, 2012
53's and a 6" lift would be perfect!
Luis Daniel Angilello Oct 13, 2011
I could easily see this vehicle being featured in the 5th Transformers movie. LOL
Jimmy Atkinson Oct 13, 2011
Once again, no tread on these Fuelmax tires.... How the hell are the people fighting to save our freedom going to get around in this turd if it gets stuck in when grass? Put some good A/Ts on it!!
Miguel Longoria Oct 13, 2011
I'd put some 28's on it, paint it black, and roll it thru the 'hood... :D
Michael Wilson Oct 12, 2011
i could have so much fun in this thing
Brahim Gudah Oct 11, 2011
This thing just screams fuel efficient
Andy Kleschick Oct 11, 2011
Let me ask this ted- has it been officially built for tests and production? if not, that probably means that there are still things that need to be worked out in it's design stages. you've even said it yourself ed that it is a test bed.
Nick Benz Oct 11, 2011
No ed always has a bad day. His estrogen levels must be chronically elevated.
Edith Wharton Oct 11, 2011
Ed must be having a bad day.
Andy Kleschick Oct 11, 2011
ok ed, isnt that a bit early to be saying that? I mean, it is in the works. I think if someone says that it means that it is NOT OFFICIALLY IN PRODUCTION. it can still be tweaked.
Kristoffer Lopez Oct 11, 2011
Can't wait till they start selling these to the public wouldnt that be funny
Cody Jacques Oct 11, 2011
thats not alot of clarence in the front.
Tselmeg Enkhjargal Oct 23, 2011
@shane ye ye doors look like riot shields ... It could of been thicker
Duncan Gibson Oct 12, 2011
The a-team van could still rape this thing.
Michael Page Oct 11, 2011
I could pack many grocery bags in that!
Shane Carroll Oct 11, 2011
I'd want some thicker doors
Nick Mitchell Oct 11, 2011
The airsoft guns are just for show, but that would be funny to sell airsoft gins with your military vehicle
Edith Wharton Oct 11, 2011
Im sure this will work great when ww3 is w paintball guns and airsoft.
Anthony J. Mitchell Oct 11, 2011
Needs a v shaped hull under it to dissipate IED explosives.
Clayton Corley Oct 11, 2011
Yea every one knows real guns don't have orange tips. Lol
Anthony Cordiale Oct 11, 2011
Can I have the model with real guns and not airsoft and throw in a Gatling gun on top