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Published: Jan 08, 2011
Description: Here we are in Truckdale, Missouri and these guys are just kickin around doing nothing. So they decided one of them would hit record on the phone while the other two would push their diesel drinker i...
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Bill Bailey Mar 01, 2012
I think that britians answer to ferrari is actually mclaren seeing as they compete in everything (mclaren wins)
Christopher Welter Jan 08, 2011
If Volvo put that engine in the xc90 IDE make my way the the dealership right now lol!
Description: Let's go to the video tape
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Justice Huebner Sep 30, 2013
Alex Bean May 19, 2013
idk how all the Porsche hating started there have been more 911s..... its by far one of the most successful sportscars of all time..... either racing or sales, and anyone that says their engineers are lazy... is a moron... every generation is drastically improved and and has tons of new technology.... with the said the m600 is the shit I fucking love them
Al Tungupon Feb 29, 2012
The bathtub design continues to work anyway, so Porsche can focus on engineering and not bother paying a team to come up with a new look for every succeeding generation of the 911.
Ben Russell Feb 03, 2011
The only reason that Porsche doesn't change their design for the 911 is because of it's 50 year heritage! If they stopped the 911, every Porsche lover would be disappointed. It's a really great car anyway Porsche haters.
Will Conover Jan 12, 2011
If there was only the. 911 coupe, 911 cabriolet, 911 s, 911 rs i would love Porsche. With supercars they have to attract attention, when I see a 911 I think look a Volkswagen beetle
Will Conover Jan 12, 2011
You can tell lambos apart from eachother and there's only three corvettes
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
They keep the same design because people still like it, it still sells well, and there's heritage with it. It's like all of a sudden changing Italy's racing colors to purple. A purple Ferrari F1 car? That's just wrong.
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
And what where would Porsche be without the millions of different 911s out there? Nowhere
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
The same theory can be applied to Corvettes too, their pretty similar. Even Lamborghinis, the styling has stayed similar since the Countach
Will Conover Jan 10, 2011
Because porsche designers are lazy and the cars aren't good/cool
Tim Gardner Jan 10, 2011
Wow, there's so many Porsche haters on this forum!
Nicolas Pons Jan 09, 2011
Yeah i hate porsches too but The hood AND color make it look all to p*****e like
Fred Bex Jan 09, 2011
I like this car it looks a little like the R8
Tom Franquelli Jan 09, 2011
Lol. And I love this car.
Tom Franquelli Jan 09, 2011
Yeah I know. Sorry, I just have an unmitigated hatred for Porches.
Tom Franquelli Jan 09, 2011
Porches look like a cross between VW Beetles and warts. This is my favourite supercar in the last few years, don't even say them in the same sentence. :p Ps, Nobleiloveyou. Mmmmmm
Will Conover Jan 08, 2011
Can't look like Porsche, it's interesting to look at
Max Preston Jan 08, 2011
The back end sorta looks like a Audi r8
Andrew Blocker Jan 08, 2011
I like the styling better than the 458, it's more straightforward with it's styling. The 458 is beautiful, but a bit overstated in my taste.
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
The F40 was the M600's inspiration? I can sort of, kind of, not really see that now. Doubt anybody would've guessed that
Tim Gardner Jan 09, 2011
650hp with nothing but your right foot to control it. 0-60 in 3 seconds, clean trousers to mildly stained in a lot less.
Kyle Bohne Jan 08, 2011
Nice switch haha pretty damn quick too
Jake Dula Apr 21, 2013
Yes, but this is WAY quicker than the McLaren, more exclusive, rarer; and as an added bonus, it isn't built by emotionless boffins. Instead, this is built by 2 blokes in a shed who really love cars and the pure sensation of driving.
Kate Aaliyah Tuazon Apr 19, 2012
yeah it's true the Mclaren is even better than the Noble M600
Al Tungupon Feb 29, 2012
You have to be nuts to spend $360,000 on a car that doesn't look that good, has no sense of safety, and lacks R&D compared to the established supercar brands. The McLaren is a much better proposition if you simply don't want a 458.
Alex Bean May 19, 2013
this car is so much better then the 458 and more exclusive.... but people drive Ferraris to put in there garage... the m600 a pure driving experience
Jake Dula Apr 21, 2013
And I forgot to say, I think this sounds better IMO
Jake Dula Apr 21, 2013
I'd much rather hav this. The M600 is about pure, unadulterated driving pleasure and I love that. Ferrari be ______ (insert expletive here).
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
One critical thing is though, this is much faster. I'd still have a 458 myself, but I would dare not challenge an M600 to any kind of race
Anthony Surdo Jan 09, 2011
I am pretty sure the 458 is NOT the worlds most aerodynamic car.
Mike Hawk Jan 09, 2011
Either car will help get you laid
Jonathan Newcastle Jan 08, 2011
Be honest. Would you rather have a Noble M600, or a Ferrari Italia? The Ferrari looks better inside and out, sounds better, and has a nameplate that rings bells. It is a nice car no doubt, and I'd love to own one, but no comparison to Ferrari.