Comments - An Exploding Tire in Super Slo-Mo is Incredible!

Published: Jan 29, 2011
Description: Sometimes dudes have a lot of time on their hands and when that happens they usually start breaking things. This guy is no exception. But instead of just blowing a tire up on his own time, he decided...
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Mike Hawk Jan 31, 2011
Swamp tractor goin mud whompin. It's hippy huntin season, boys.
Bill Gray Jan 30, 2011
I'm with Andy, where do I sign. Badass truck.
Nick Benz Jan 30, 2011
Oh shit. Ill take one of these over any amg, m series, porsche or any of that.
Andy Rogers Jan 29, 2011
Street legal version! :0 Sign me up!
Description: Watch it happen
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Jeff DeJaegher May 23, 2013
Need 4 speed roof scoop
James Currey Jan 30, 2011
Holy shit look at that scoop on top! That's gonna eat someone!
Chad Nelson Jan 30, 2011
Of course it's street legal, that's like saying a ford raptor it's street legal, but I like it to me it looks like a dune buggy.
Will Conover Jan 30, 2011
@ buddy. That's what I'm thinking
Nick Benz Jan 30, 2011
Holy NUTSACK. Thats good. Thats really really good.
Jonathan Newcastle Jan 29, 2011
There is NO WAY this is street legal. At least not in the US.
Buddy Robinson Jan 29, 2011
Why not just get the road legal bowler nemesis?
Stephen Ishard Jan 29, 2011
Looks like a warthog
Tim Gardner Jan 29, 2011
My god, a VW that actually looks cool!
Patrick Schalk Jan 29, 2011
This thing would be so much fun to drive. Tis a little Raptor
Nick DelPino Jan 29, 2011
Love the bbs' never thought I would see that on something like this.
Kwan Calvin Jan 29, 2011
Nice in the desert, but kind of weird on the road...
Andy Rogers Feb 03, 2011
Maybe, don't know. It hasn't been put into production
Andy Rogers Feb 03, 2011
@Jonathan Well this will probably be lighter if they make it. And it may not be able to beat the Raptor in a straight line (except maybe at top speeds), but this could beat it just about everywhere else
Andy Rogers Feb 03, 2011
@Richard Exactly. I could make a Prius finish, just drive it slow. Which driver gets more money? The one that finished or the one the finished AND won
Nick Benz Jan 30, 2011
You can take a toyota fj, and use the money you saved not buying the raptor to mod and upgrade to a car that would own a raptor. Im sorry if you like raptors. They are pretty badass but just not the car id take to a desert race. This vw beats both.
Jonathan Newcastle Jan 29, 2011
How on earth is this remotely competitive to the Raptor with a 300hp diesel?
Adam Morin Jan 29, 2011
A stock Raptor finished Dakar. Don't see how this even competes. I'm sure if it makes production we'll see a price twice almost three times of the Raptor.
Patrick Schalk Jan 29, 2011
I think if they do make it it's gonna be really really expensive. Those suspension setups are gonna cost a ton. It'll be interesting to see if they produce it. Maybe a limited number of them? This is very unlike VW but I say give it a shot!
Andy Rogers Jan 29, 2011
It would beat the Raptor, that thing is beast but this won the Dakar Enough said...
Harry Watel Mar 02, 2014
Why would they use a sequential trans with a clutch? Off-road usually would hamper smooth clutch use; therefore I'd fit it with an auto double clutch rally car tranny
Micah Campbell Feb 03, 2011
It looks like an off-road spy car, I love it!!
Kyle Riley Anderson Jan 29, 2011
I love the rugged look to the interior
Kwan Calvin Jan 29, 2011
TV in front of the passenger's seat? Quite good idea!
Nick Benz Jan 30, 2011
Please no gold. Make it chrome or something fake gold so you wont have to baby it when you takd it offroad.