Description: Porsche officials have expressed interest in exploring the possibility of adding diesel variants to the U.S. lineup. The car company claims that this will help meet the growing demand for fuel-efficie...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 29, 2011
I agree Andy. Still wouldn't buy either one of these though
Andy Rogers Jan 29, 2011
Meh... It would be better than hybrids
John Frum Jan 31, 2011
It's got a lumpy ass
Amaury Santos Jan 30, 2011
I don't really like this car. The four door Aston Martin Rapide looks way better.
Bill Gray Jan 30, 2011
I think it makes a very good lookin' sedan.
Nick Benz Jan 30, 2011
Its a great car and looks slick. But the back just looks a little too wierd for me.
Patrick Schalk Jan 29, 2011
I really like the Panamera. I know a lot of people don't but for Porsche to pull off a sedan that still performs like a coupe is amazing
Description: The Cayenne also comes as the Cayenne S Hybrid with two variants accounting for 30 percent of the model's total sales worldwide. A move to bring the diesel-powered Cayenne to the U.S. would also ...
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Bill Gray Jan 30, 2011
Don't care for that color.