Diesel Cayenne and Panamera for U.S. Under Consideration

Porsche officials have expressed interest in exploring the possibility of adding diesel variants to the U.S. lineup. The car company claims that this will help meet the growing demand for fuel-efficient cars in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Cayenne diesel, which has been on sale in Europe since 2009, could be one contender for the job and may be followed by the Panamera with a diesel engine and a gas-electric hybrid powertrain.

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The Cayenne also comes as the Cayenne S Hybrid with two variants accounting for 30 percent of the model's total sales worldwide. A move to bring the diesel-powered Cayenne to the U.S. would also be much welcomed by the carmaker, especially since it's the brand's biggest single market. Other reports cite that the new Panamera variants are expected to be introduced before summer in Europe and could debut worldwide in March at the Geneva Motor Show.