Comments - This Redneck Tractor Start up Method Works Like Magic!

Published: Jan 28, 2011
Description: Here's one for you farmers out there constantly battling your farm equipment. This guy's tractor is having issues with the starter so he thought he would show us "The not recommended dangerous rednec...
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Description: Watch how he does it.
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Antonio Hey Hey Coppola Jan 29, 2011
I have this on gran turismo 5 :D
John Frum Jan 28, 2011
Reimagined Supra successor?
Stephen Ishard Jan 28, 2011
I can another pos Toyota "moving forward" because we have no way to stop
Nick Benz Jan 28, 2011
I cannot wait for this car.
Brian Ayala Jan 28, 2011
You can see the Subaru side in those headlights
Andy Rogers Jan 28, 2011
Yeah. I hope it stays as similar looking as possible
NextGen Tuning Jan 28, 2011
Hopefully Toyota doesn't kill the original look too much.
Shayan Shekari Feb 24, 2011
@ mike Hawk that makes no sense they both have the same engines I believe, I think, sedan ways less as well
John Frum Jan 28, 2011
So I hope this car will have some good intended acceleration.
Mike Hawk Jan 28, 2011
To be more specific with "corolla", the Matrix in particular. The sedan still can't keep up with the hatch.
Mike Hawk Jan 29, 2011
The engine is all Subie. The non turbo is the FB25. CVT is Toyota. (Direct inject is probably collaboration) The Subie twin is gonna offer the SPT upgrades, such as brembo brakes. SPT beats TRD in the JDM, I think.
Shayan Shekari Jan 29, 2011
If u guys didn't know already Toyota owns close to 20% of subaru so that is why they work together. And the engine is made by both companies Toyota has their amazing d4-s injection which is crazy addition of power just compare the 2grfe and 2grfse hp
Jeremy Hayes Jan 28, 2011
It's ok looking. Atlases they're making it rwd but hope fully they keep it light weight. Either way its all about Nissan ftw.
Nick Benz Jan 28, 2011
@hali, and whats wrong with toyota? Theyre only the biggest and best car company. Maybe not in the us, but in the entire world? Definetly. And of course everyone else makes a kind of car that beats toyotas but they arent as popular. Toyota ftw.
Sal Alvarez Jan 28, 2011
@ Kenneth: honda does have a RWD's the S2000 evn tho it was discontinued in 08 the still made it for about 7-8 years n that kar Kan get up!!
Kenneth Williams Jan 28, 2011
I don't think Honda and rear wheel drive can co-exist in the same sentence. Lol they've been pretty successful at FWD cars. it would be interesting to see a go at it though.
Andy Rogers Jan 28, 2011
@Daniel Me too. And the G-sports concept. Both as rewards. They're frickin' expensive to buy!
Jonathan Newcastle Jan 28, 2011
Maybe this will motivate Honda to answer with a RWD response of their own...
Mike Hawk Jan 28, 2011
It's bad enough thy Subie's making a hybrid...I hope they dont make a RWD twin and just stat with their AWDs. But then, I hope all EVs go to hell!
Mike Hawk Jan 28, 2011
This car is more Subie engineering than anything. Toyota is more responsible for funding the project.
Hali Hope-Ross Jan 28, 2011
No matter what name you put on it, it's still a Toyota...
Patrick Schalk Jan 28, 2011
I think I like the first one more. It looked more aggressive and had more lines. I really hope they make these. It would look so awesome in black
Bob Thebuilder Jan 28, 2011
@Daniel haha same it was gifted
Anthony Isola Jan 28, 2011
Very nice looking for a toyota