Comments - 7.3 Powerstroke Battles a Vette in a Fascinating Drag

Published: Jan 28, 2011
Description: We love those 1/4 mile drags where the diesel truck takes on the muscle car and leaves him in the dust, along with a cloud of soot to suck in. That's what we thought when we lined this one up for you...
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Mike Hawk Feb 03, 2011
If ignorance means being highly perceptive...then paint me RETARD!
Bryan Thomsen Feb 01, 2011
You guys are so ignorant.
Andy Rogers Jan 29, 2011
@Mike That's a better explanation than mine
Mike Hawk Jan 29, 2011
It's not so much stupid people that drive Kias. But rather people who have no sense of self worth or self respect. So if anyone has no dignity and listens to faggy emo, go buy a Kia.
Matthew Liese Jan 28, 2011
The only thing those shity Kia's are good for is to beat on as a rental car
Tom Franquelli Jan 28, 2011
Agreed, Andy...if you by your car based solely on the ad campaign, you don't deserve it.
Andy Rogers Jan 28, 2011
Why Kia? Why are more Americans buying them anyways? Oh I know the answer to that one: because there's enough stupid people in the world/people that don't care about cars
Patrick Schalk Jan 28, 2011
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be a Z28 commercial. I will poop in my pants
Description: Better luck next time.
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Kwan Calvin Jan 28, 2011
This car is only suitable for District 9...
Mike Hawk Feb 04, 2011
Now there's a fair comparison...
Mike Hawk Feb 04, 2011
I'm not trying to convince you otherwise. Take your precious optima. Hell...take em all, for all we'd care. I'd much rather be seen in a Reliant Robin!!!
Bryan Thomsen Feb 04, 2011
Your three "new decade" designs will probably be based off this optima
Mike Hawk Feb 03, 2011
Camry, accord, and Altima are on the verge of remodeling for the new decade. I can almost guarantee that the "3 ninjas" will put optima, Malibu, and Sebring back to their rightful places... Bottom of the totem pole!
Pfc Rueben Mcentire-Yslas Feb 01, 2011
We were talkin bout the design
Bryan Thomsen Feb 01, 2011
Why would anyone even compare a Camaro or Corvette to the Optima? Reborn American muscle, American Supercar and then a family sedan... The Optima is defiantly a head turner compared to Accord, Camery, and Malibu.
Will Conover Jan 30, 2011
Konner is right compared to American sedans
Pfc Rueben Mcentire-Yslas Jan 30, 2011
The camaro is not generic at all it's called an amazing design and a helluva car I think this car is nice not as nice as American made camaro or corvette sorry.
Konner Hardoin Jan 29, 2011
That is a new Camero and it is not generic. It is cool and rare.
Philipp Kentner Jan 29, 2011
Aren't those mayans?
Patrick Schalk Jan 29, 2011
Haha Connor I doubt that. My open exhaust V8 Camaro says differently
Konner Hardoin Jan 29, 2011
I actually own this car (the turbo). And it gets more stares and open gawking mouths than any of all of your generic American and Japanese made boring pieces of every day metal. I've already been asked what it is with awe 10 + times. It has style.
Pfc Rueben Mcentire-Yslas Jan 29, 2011
Ok I'm a lover of GM not jus American cars but Australian Vauxhall and other Gm companies but that Kia is not a bad lookin car. Other than the rims jus get rid of them
Jorge Galindo Jan 28, 2011
I think they are aztec, I say the just sacrifice the dude driving the car
Patrick Schalk Jan 28, 2011
Haha yeah I don't like the wheel but I don't think the car looks THAT bad. Kia has came a long way
Kwan Calvin Jan 28, 2011
@Bill thumb down on the entire car!
Bill Gray Jan 28, 2011
Thumbs down on these wheels.