SLS AMG GT3 Off To A Good Start

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For most teams that are fielding an entirely new vehicle in its first endurance race, just finishing the race is the best they can hope for. With the exception of such mega-teams as Audi, podium finishes for unproven cars are a rare thing. So when all three of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 cars that took place in the Dubai 24-hour endurance race managed to finish, the folks at Mercedes were pleased.
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Even more pleasing though was the fact that the number 7 car, from the Black Falcon team, grabbed third place. In a sport and class that is normally totally dominated by Porsches, and their decades of development invested in the 911, this is no easy feat. All three cars wore Ducati logos as a nod to the new partnership with Ducati Motor. Mercedes will be selling SLS AMG GT3s for homologation purposes, and prices have been set at 334,000 Euros. Don't expect a very large production run either.