Description: You gotta love when those YouTubing pranksters come to the table with new funnies. This time Roman Atwood thought it would be a fun idea to take his Grammy out for a ride in his Nissan GT-R for her 7...
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Albert Einsteins Jan 23, 2011
My favorite team the VW rally racing team.... Al-ateyyah is really amazing if anyone ever saw him race
Description: She loved it and so will you.
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Andy Rogers Jan 23, 2011
Rallying = extremely dangerous. It's going to happen sadly
Jayden Amir Jan 29, 2012
This is such a surprise
Tom Franquelli Jan 24, 2011
Mmhm, he modified a Toureg overnight and that's what came out. :D
Andy Rogers Jan 24, 2011
Haha yeah This thing is so beast it won the rally even before he built it
Will Conover Jan 23, 2011
I thought Richard Hammond built this
Albert Einsteins Jan 23, 2011
This is the master of rally ;P