Comments - RENNtech Black Series Upgrade for MBZ CLK 63 AMG

Published: Jan 22, 2011
Description: The name RENNtech is usually synonymous with making one-of-a-kind carbon fiber aerodynamic upgrades for the Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series. On top of that, they made it available only making it availa...
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한주용 Jan 23, 2011
Why my car was taken picture?? I didn't allow you take a picture of mine kkk T_T
Aaron Efrosman Jan 22, 2011
This car is right on the spot!
Chad Schley Jan 22, 2011
One of my favorite amg cars of all time.
Description: The Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 Black Series carbon aero upgrades includes full carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, DTM rear wing, and front carbon brake air ducts. Of course, all components are manu...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2011
Haha they aren't carbon fiber brakes. Those are cooling ducts
Patrick Schalk Jan 22, 2011
Good ol brake cooling. Just bought a kit for my Camaro
Gildardo Oconnell Jan 24, 2011
Look"s like a very interesting model.
John Frum Jan 22, 2011
Why would anyone want a CLK when there's the E-Class coupe or CL? The E just needs the AMG treatment.
Tom Franquelli Jan 22, 2011, not really. mercedes makes classy cars, even the performance variants are fairly understated. thats the point. thus, the wing does not go with the car, looks-wise.
Daniel Helfer Jan 22, 2011
While I can appreciate the performance, it does really look bad.
Tom Franquelli Jan 22, 2011
Lol. Racism aside, that does look like shit.
A-plus Wilhite Jan 22, 2011
Beaner wings made it to mercedes huh, lmao