Comments - 16Vampir VW Golf MK1 AWD Sets World Record!

Published: Jan 20, 2011
Description: Here's one for you quarter mile junkies out there that will make you wet your pants more than a little. This is a 16Vampir VW Golf MK1 4motion 2.0 16V Turbo with 1141 horsepower running on E85. It ho...
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John Frum Jan 20, 2011
For a sec, I thought it was actually an R/C car. Then I read the article. CRANK THE BOOST AND TURN ON LAUNCH CONTROL.
Brent Fowler Jan 20, 2011
A salon is also known as a stylish establishment in which art is displayed (such as the GTR) or business is performed. Any dictionary has the definition..
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Haha they call it Salon?! That's so dumb!
Description: That's just ridiculous.
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Dominic DeSantis Mar 17, 2011
@K.P. It has a manual,and paddle shifters and you can put the trans into comfort which puts it into automatic
John Miller Jan 26, 2011
Does anyone know if or when the nismo edition gt-r will come out in the states?
Dominic DeSantis Jan 21, 2011
Can you get a nismo upgrade?? Dad has a 2009 one
Will Conover Jan 21, 2011
Well ther's that two but it's a race car my guess it's grip+spoiler=no drift
Tyler Watkins Jan 20, 2011
With enough power u can break traction on all four wheels and drift....any this has plenty of power
Albert Einsteins Jan 20, 2011
Who took pictures of my babe?!?
Huy Bom Tran Jan 20, 2011
So sick!! Can't wait to see some racing video action!
Will Conover Jan 20, 2011
Well that's how most x games ralliers have it
Jorge Galindo Jan 20, 2011
It's not just ken blocks, Dave mirra drifts in a sti too
Will Conover Jan 20, 2011
Ken block has most power going to the back
Eric Vilendrer Jan 20, 2011
Front lip looks awesome. Car in general Is fantastic.
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Go to YouTube and look at Ken Block Gymkhana. Any of em. They are amazing
Ben Koch Jan 20, 2011
Isn't that were they set up barrels and cones and stuff and have to go thru the track in various ways or watever i think iv seen it before my descriptions probly lacking
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Ben haven't you ever seen gymkhana?
Ben Koch Jan 20, 2011
Yea bill let me know how drifting in your all wheel drive car goes lol
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Haha when they said RC I thought they meant remote control. They should do that!
Jorge Galindo Jan 20, 2011
Gorgeous, if only my girl looked like that...
Bill Gray Jan 20, 2011
Can you say driftin'