Comments - First Look: 2011 Dodge Durango

Published: Jan 19, 2011
Description: The 2011 Dodge Durango is a magnificent improvement over its awkward predecessor. In fact, it's one of the best new products from Dodge to hit showrooms this year. While there are other more exci...
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Description: The first generation Durango won praise for its exterior styling, but even then Dodge was never known for building quality interiors. The second generation model just looked awkward and interior quali...
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Cristian Hernandez Mar 22, 2011
Yay Simon! <@:-) party hat curly hair smiley face
CarBuzz Editors Jan 19, 2011
@Simon: You're right, thank you for catching that mistake. It is 3.6L.
Simon Trépanier Jan 19, 2011
Pentastar displacement is 3,6L, not 3,5L :-)
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2011
I really like these. Wouldn't mind having an AWD version. Kudos to Dodge
Bill Gray Jan 19, 2011
The front end looks orrery good.
Description: For V8 fans and boat owners, the Hemi V8 returns with its 360 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Although the Hemi has better acceleration, the new V6 is plenty powerful for most purposes. The biggest compla...
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Thomas Olmeda Jul 17, 2011
Hahahah dude, Ferrari gets 560+ hp out of a 4.5 liter v8. Who cares. Different engines have different purposes. That Ferrari has so little torque. But the 5.7 liter has almost 400 lb ft. But you wouldn't exactly tow a boat with a 458 would you?
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Yeah it also voids factory warranties. Believe it or not some people actually just drive their cars without doing anything to them
Andy Rogers Jan 20, 2011
So if somebody doesn't have the time or money for tuning or satisfied with their car, they're a poser? Ok.... So I must be a poser for not wanting to tune my SUV that isn't even mine
Andy Rogers Jan 20, 2011
@Blake So if you're not a tuner, you're a poser? So if somebody doesn't want to ruin their car or doesn't want to bring down the value of the car they're getting rid of soon anyways, they're a poser?
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2011
People who buy these vehicles don't turbo or anything to those hemis. They are meant to be a powerful towing everyday vehicle
John Frum Jan 19, 2011
@Andy. Consumers DO like power, but in general, they don't like tuning the power themselves. I mean, Popular Mechanics got the Hemi to 500 hp without a super/turbo.
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2011
Yeah Hemis will last awhile too. I had one
Andy Rogers Jan 19, 2011
For reliability, marketing, price, etc.
Andy Rogers Jan 19, 2011
People have gotten 1000hp from 2.0liter Integras. I don't get why people always complain about power per liter. It's preference. American car companies like BIG engines and they get to choose how much power should come out of it
John Frum Jan 19, 2011
The Hemi needs an update. Only 350 (the only is a bit of a stretch) hp out of 5.7 liters? The Ford 5.0 gets 412 out of FIVE liters. Even though the displacement is higher, the Chevy 6.2 puts out 430 hp. The 6.1/6.4 Hemi's quite pricey.
Mike Botté May 08, 2011
This looks nothing like a Toyota. This is way to masculine to be a pedal sticker. Honestly.
Brent Thuston Feb 09, 2011
Just another thing dodge will eventually mess up
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 03, 2011
Everything on it looks like Toyota, except for the grille
Saul Melendez Jan 21, 2011
The front of a dodge and the side panels of a sequoia and the rear of the new grand cherokee = a sweet ass Durango ;)
Rodolfo Gonzalez Jan 21, 2011
Damn the rear is straight up like a Toyota hahaha
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Alex why don't you just buy a Toyota then? Instead of for some reason swapping badges and engines?
John Wu Jan 20, 2011
Back look like dads seqouia
Andy Rogers Jan 20, 2011
I think he means that as in SUV
Kevin Mangus Jan 20, 2011
Its either Toyota or Jeep... Chrysler/Dodge owns jeep not Toyota
Description: Fortunately, Chrysler plans to swap the five-speed in the near future. What's strange is that Chrysler already does offer the Pentastar engine with a six-speed auto. Case in point: the Chrysler 2...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Those look like Challenger seats
Description: In fact, the Durango drives better and has less body roll than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, its platform sharing mate. This due in part to the Durango's five-inch-longer wheelbase. Stability control ...
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Andy Rogers Jan 19, 2011
Really? No.... Well good for Dodge
Mike Botté May 08, 2011
Again maybe u guys love toyota but it looks nothing like a highlander. Idk what goods you guys are on but it's good ishh
Chayton Garverick Mar 01, 2011
Rebaged Highlander u peepls r right
Nelson Vega Jr Jan 22, 2011
IMO, it just dosent do anything for me.... :(
Grant Adams Jan 21, 2011
Ummm well yeah the new toyotas do have a bug recall but even the manufacturer BMW had a recall about something in the motor was shutting down and causing the car to shut down in the highway or something like that 2005 - 2009 models don't quote me th
Saul Fernandez Jan 21, 2011
The transmision is going to get messed up . Plus , it will really be slow on the freeway
Stephen Ishard Jan 21, 2011
Toyotas only last longer because they get recalled every month
Grant Adams Jan 20, 2011
Like a highlander also but if you look at rear light and rear body shape at this angle you see some highlander and I agree I would take this over a Toyota ANY day even if it doesint last as long
Grant Adams Jan 20, 2011
Yes, the color does make it look l
Patrick Schalk Jan 20, 2011
Me either Anthony. I think it's because it's the same color as Toyota you usually see in the commercial. These guys are confused by colors
Anthony Surdo Jan 20, 2011
IMO I don't see a highlander look at all
Grant Adams Jan 19, 2011
Sort of looks like a highlander
Kyle Riley Anderson Jan 19, 2011
Boat over the durango anyday
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2011
Wish those were mine
Description: The most obvious competition is the also new 2011 Ford Explorer, which is now a car-based crossover. While it has some towing capacity, if you truly need an SUV to pull your boat to the lake house on ...
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Chayton Garverick Mar 01, 2011
Looks like journey and Highlander mix
Kwan Calvin Jan 22, 2011
Elegant blue interior lighting
Daniel Fryman Jan 19, 2011
I kinda like the symbol. I hate that they are getting rid of the ram on the cars.
Michael Davidson Jan 19, 2011
That's a weird dodge symbol on the steering wheel
Description: Staring at $30,045, the Durango is priced accordingly. If the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is too small and that extra third row of seating is needed, then don't go the proverbial CUV route. The 2011 ...
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Mike Hawk Jan 19, 2011
I hope Chrysler is reading, because the general consensus among gear heads is to keep Dodge alive... and stop wasting our tax dollars on Sebring/200 and similar crap in the parent brand
Bill Gray Jan 19, 2011
Be good to go against the chevy defender for police duty with a hemi.
Mike Botté May 08, 2011
Okay. WTF a highlander ant tow. And nor is it based upon a pedal sticking machine. Honestly. If one more person says toyota I'm gonna go in a hospital. Just sayingg
Chayton Garverick Mar 01, 2011
Definitely based on Highlander
Kwan Calvin Jan 22, 2011
Is that driver me? He looks like me!
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2011
Hopefully that's me one day.
Andy Rogers Jan 19, 2011
I wish I had the money to take my ACR-X to a track day or something
Tyler Watkins Jan 19, 2011
I wish that was me :'(