SS Chevelle Vs Camaro in a Street Drag to the Death (almost)

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Dude didn't want to pay up in the end and almost got popped
Here we are out on the streets where cash is king and the street dig is all about the muscle. And the ego. This matchup is killer - Shaun's SS Chevelle vs. Big Matt's Camaro for some real cash, a $1,000 race. The Chevelle runs a built LSX with a D1 ProCharger on 20" rims and the Camaro houses a built LS1, heads, cam D1 ProCharger, Meth injection, Nitrous, VHT & tires. They line up and the Chevelle just has all the juice on this battle. In the end they almost came to blows about the cash.
But it's all good.

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