Posted on: Jan 17, 2011
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An Artists Rendering of the Mitsubishi Concept CS

A design study released by Gabor Farkas is being hailed as an example of what a Mitsubishi Colt successor would look like, and it's being called the Mitsubishi Concept CS. The design study does a great job of rendering both a realistic and pleasant design as can be seen from the photos here. The goal behind the design was to "summon the spirit of the ancestors," according to Farkas.

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The design we have been shown is a progression of the Colt CA that ran in production from 1992-1996. There are also influences from the earlier generation Mitsubishi C50 that's been updated to include Mitsubishi's current jet-fighter design. Inside, the interior looks similar to the outlander Sport/ASX/RVR. This is definitely an interesting design and we look forward to seeing more from Farkas.



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