Comments - Detroit 2011: Audi A6

Published: Jan 13, 2011
Description: No surprises here. Many years ago, the A6 was where Audi would try out their most radical design ideas, but those days are long gone. Don't get us wrong, the A6 is certainly a good-looking car, b...
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Description: It will be low on power and will only be available in front-wheel-drive, which we think defeats the point of buying an Audi at all, as you can buy overpriced and underpowered front-wheel-drive sedans ...
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Mackenzie McGuffin Jan 31, 2011
so we have established that it is in fact an s4 and Audi is still better than Porsche on many levels
Juan R Monteagudo Jan 18, 2011
@ anthony, You read wrong. Double check your research before you put your foot in your mouth!
Anthony Surdo Jan 17, 2011
Idk I've read two different things now. (both past 2009) One says that porsche owns 50% of VW and the other saying it's owned by VW.
Matt Crooke Jan 15, 2011
Sorry Anthony... But VW does own Porsche. It was a flip flop that happened in 2009.
Anthony Surdo Jan 15, 2011
@Juan- do you research before posting dumb comments. Porsche owns VW. Even back in 2008 they owned 75% of VW.
Austin Wongsuna Jan 14, 2011
Yep. VW bought Audi, and Audi owns Lamborghini
Juan R Monteagudo Jan 14, 2011
It's the other way around. VW owns them!
Anthony Surdo Jan 14, 2011
Just to let you guys know Porsche owns Audi and VW
Nicolas Pons Jan 13, 2011
Tim you are mentally gifted you cannot compare a 16th century old design car to an up to date buisness sedan have I mentioned you are mentally gifted and another thing you are mentally gifted oh by the way you happen to be mentally gifted
Austin Wongsuna Jan 13, 2011
Audi always has the sickest headlights. Apart from BMW
Johnny Mac Jan 13, 2011
I still can't believe someone thought this was an s6! You must be on drugs or you don't know your audi's
Johnny Mac Jan 13, 2011
That is an s4! The current s6 do not have them lights
Chad Schley Jan 13, 2011
Kyle, Only the hybrid will be FWD. Pretty sure other engine options will be Awd.
Kyle Bohne Jan 13, 2011
This car is amazing only one problem i would like it to have at least the v8with all wheel drive and they are right no point of an audi without AWD
Will Conover Jan 13, 2011
Tim you are cleary addicted to the slow ugly porsches
Will Conover Jan 13, 2011
@Tim, this is a business sedan. The Porsche is a sports car
Tim Gardner Jan 13, 2011
And people say Porsche can't come up with new ideas!
Mohamed Salama Jan 18, 2011
So nice when it's will be in market?
Skylar Krueger Jan 13, 2011
Is it me or do the audis headlights always make them look like they are stones?
Anthony Noon Jan 13, 2011
Would look better with fog lights
Drew Weigel Jan 13, 2011
The bain of BMWs existence.