Comments - Underground Racing Releases Tuned Ferrari 458 Pictures

Published: Jan 10, 2011
Description: Tuner Underground Racing has just released the first images of their newly tuned Ferrari 458 Italia. How much better can the car be? Well, that's exactly what these guys thought. Stating "th...
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John Crenshaw Jan 12, 2011
@Andy: there are many ways to have world records by class by manufacturer by car and so on. So that Vette may be the record holder for vette's or full interior. The current fastest street legal road car for the mile is a Ford GT at just over 260!!
John Crenshaw Jan 12, 2011
@Andy: The yellow Gallardo did scatter a motor oct. 09. The Orange Supperlaggera set the Lambo record at 252 is the one that wrecked at the mile in oct. 10 at over 200mph ( flipped end over end several times) clips on YouTube. Driver walked away.
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
But still 252mph on the Texas Mile, not bad. Wasn't the previous record the Saubury Corvette or something at 240+mph, or am I just out of date?
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
@John Didn't that Gallardo also explode? Or was that a different one?
Bill Gray Jan 11, 2011
252 mph, that is haulin' ass.
John Crenshaw Jan 11, 2011
@Tim: obviously you haven't seen Undergrounds f430 TT that made just over 1200 hp. That car is better in every way! Also check out Undergrounds Gallardo TT cars that make over 1500 hp. Their 1900hp Gallardo set the Texas Mile record at 252 mph!!!
Tim Gardner Jan 10, 2011
NO NO NO NO NO!!! The whole point of the screaming Ferrari V8 is high revs & throttle response. It might fatten out the torque but sticking a pair of turbos on it will deaden the latter and I'd be surprised if they can keep the high rev limit.
Description: They claim the Stage 2 engine will have a "built engine" with twin-turbos. Performance specs were not available at the time of this writing. Considering the standard 458 Italia has a 4.5-lit...
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Wings Dee Nicholas Jan 15, 2011
Ha ha I get what u mean Andy but if u see Chinese that doesn't know how to drive there nicely expensive sports car then u will get really bored if it
Andy Rogers Jan 12, 2011
You get bored of seeing Ferraris? I never get bored of seeing 911s and Corvettes ALL the time. Yes they don't stick out as much as they would if they weren't common, but still
Wings Dee Nicholas Jan 11, 2011
Ferrair 458 is by far the only one I have look up to 360&360 spider is all over Asia and I'm getting bored of it. So I will really love to see one around and of course underground tuned if the ppl with money even knows what it is in china.
Michael Davidson Apr 12, 2011
The middle exhaust actually does nothing, if you look at the 2nd to last pic you'll see what I'm talking about
Taylor Greenfield Jan 11, 2011
The middle exhaust is for normal driving but the other two activate on racing mode
John Crenshaw Jan 11, 2011
@Franz: Underground has their own warranties that in my personal experience are better than what the manufacturer offers.
Franz Bollich Jan 11, 2011
I think this voids the warranty > > -----
Donald Cormier Jan 10, 2011
I know that, I mean it looks like the two on the side power the turbos so why have the middle one?
Donald Cormier Jan 10, 2011
So what's the point of the middle exhaust?
Andy Rogers Jan 10, 2011
I still don't get why. I'd believe them anyways, especially when they blast me off the line and I can hear them spool up. Not that I'll be getting a Ferrari 458, but whatever
Ryan John Thompson Jan 10, 2011
Can someone explain to me why they took off the rear bumper????
Bill Gray Jan 11, 2011
He didn't get those at the local muffler shop!
Corey Griffiths Jan 21, 2011
Hopefully they don't get rear-ended =\
Ben Matthews Jan 10, 2011
Those aren't intercoolers. The big chrome box at the back of the engine is a water to air intercooler. The black ones are factory trans and oil coolers.
Albert Min Jan 10, 2011
Those intercoolers are rly small... I bet the turbos are pretty small as well
Bill Gray Jan 10, 2011
Wish I had the bucks for this, I couldn't afford the price of a tune up!!!