Posted on: Sep 10, 2010
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2011 GMC Sierra Hybrid - Hybrid and Fuel Efficient

The 2011 GMC Sierra Hybrid offers what many are looking for these days in a truck: fuel efficiency and a truck reputation. The Sierra Hybrid is built around GM's Electrically Variable Transmission and 300 volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System. The drivetrain offers a 40% improvement in city fuel economy and 25 % improvement in overall fuel efficiency compared to the standard Sierra 1500.

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The Sierra Hybrid is offered in GMC's Crew Cab body style with both 2WD and 4WD models. The truck includes a few notable features that GMC included to ensure a quiet and comfortable ride. GMC stated the sound dampening improvements with a redesign of the exhaust system and resonator and then added low-rolling resistance tires and a low-vibration power steering system. The Sierra Hybrid has definitely transformed the way we view the trucks of the future.



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