Posted on: Aug 06, 2010
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CCXR: The Future of Exotics?

Make no mistake about it: super exotic cars are not environmentally friendly. Combined with upcoming emissions standards in the US and EU (China will be next, I guarantee it), automakers are currently racing towards the best electric/hybrid/fuel combination that will allow the greatest mileage and best performance. Koenigsegg has built an interesting possible solution, its CCXR. Introduced in 2007, it can be fueled by either standard octane petrol or E85 or E100 ethanol fuel.

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Deemed as "environmentally friendly", the CCXR proves that high performance can be combined with alternative ways of fueling such a high performance machine. Even Ferrari has begun work testing hybrid technology knowing that change is coming. Audi has also jumped on the bandwagon with the soon-to-be released E-Tron, a fully electric supercar based on the R8. However, the Koenigsegg CCXR has managed to combine an alternative fueling strategy with breathtaking performance.