Posted on: Aug 04, 2010
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Civic Hybrid Takes on Toyota Prius

Honda and Toyota were two of the first automakers to really jump into the hybrid market. Toyota practically invented this market with the Prius. Even though Honda introduced the Insight, the Civic hybrid continues to be brand's popular hybrid. The Civic nameplate has been known for years as one of the most reliable models on the road is now arguably better looking than much of the competition. With its excellent build quality, road manners, and overall value, the Civic will remain a popular choice for many.
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With the hybrid option, customers might be tempted to infuse a little bit of green technology into their already reliable car. Only question is whether to choose the Civic, Insight or Toyota Prius? The Insight is the smallest of the three and both Honda and Toyota already have loyal buyers. In other words, the choice is yours.

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