Posted on: Aug 23, 2010
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C8 Aileron’s Design Heritage

The C8 Aileron is something truly unique in terms of automotive design. Its design theme comes from Spyker's history of airplane engine design. The original company went bankrupt in 1929, but was revived in 1999 by Victor Muller. With the C8 Aileron's launch in 2009, Spyker has proven that it can built a modern supercar which can compete in performance, appearance, and build quality with the best of other European brands.

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The chassis is an aluminum space-frame design that's combined with a suspension designed and built by Lotus. With the use of hi-tech building technology combined with a powerful engine and revolutionary design, the C8 Aileron doesn't come cheap. It carries a base price of $209,990 and can reach as high as $219,990.

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