Posted on: Aug 02, 2010
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Rapide Has the Looks Panamera Lacks

Suddenly the four-door high performance sports car market has come alive. Both Aston Martin and Porsche have presented their offerings. While performance numbers are still being fully evaluated, the grade for the best appearance is in. Examining the two cars side by side and your eyes will immediately be drawn to the Rapide. No, it's not just you. The Rapide graces your vision senses with the epitome of beauty with its long and sleek styling. It's beautiful from every angle.

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The Panamera, on the other hand, is not so easy on the eye. Think of it more as an ugly duckling that resembles part station wagon and part flattened Porsche 911. The Panamera has more rear head room and outward visibility is better, but the Rapide is simply jaw-dropping stunning. There you have it... beauty triumphs over German engineering.

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