Posted on: Jul 09, 2010
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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Yes, it's faster than a BMW M3. Yes, it's German. And yes, it's expensive. So what's the problem? Absolutely nothing. The C63 AMG is one of the finest sport sedans in the world. Mercedes-Benz has long been known to appeal to more conservative buyers. Not only has their styling been more bland, but also the performance of their cars. As the automaker has developed their high performance division, AMG, over the years, they're now more than able to hold their own against BMW's M division.

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Unlike the larger S63, the C63 is smaller and feels more of a driver's car. The S63, with its 518 hp, is more powerful than the C63's 451 hp, but it simply doesn't have that true sport sedan feel. With a new generation C-Class coming up in the semi-near future, it'll be great to see what AMG has in store for the new model. For now, the C63 can still brag that it's faster than an M3 - quite the accomplishment.

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