Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
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New Gullwing is a Departure from McLaren

Since Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive parted ways, many were wondering what kind of supercar Mercedes would produce without the guidance and technology from McLaren. With the launch of the all-new Gullwing, Mercedes's performance division, AMG has truly outdone itself by setting the automaker on a new course. The underpinnings of the SLS is all-new with a 531 pound aluminum space frame developed specifically for the car.

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With a total curb weight of 3,571 pounds, it's significantly lighter than both the SLR McLaren (3,858 pounds) and the SL62 AMG Black Series (4,220 pounds). It's great to see Mercedes-Benz building and engineering something like this entirely on their own. Considering how iconic the original Gullwing is in automotive history, I think it's fair to assume this new Gullwing will quickly become an icon and prove that AMG has done its homework well.

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