Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
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Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: Hybrid Luxury Done Right

Ok, so many people (or not so many) are familiar with the 2010 Lexus HS250. It's supposedly a luxury hybrid that's meant to show how a luxury automaker can produce a full-fledge hybrid. Yeah, well, the HS250 has been a major disappointment for Lexus (it's really a rebadged Toyota Avensis, which is for Europe only) with hybrid technology taken from the Toyota Camry. It's overpriced and looks more like a Toyota Corolla with Lexus emblems.

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Lincoln, on the other hand, has done just about everything right with the MKZ Hybrid. Like the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the MKZ has an excellent hybrid system that rivals that of Toyota. There is more interior and trunk space and has more of a real car appearance and driving style than the Lexus. Lexus could have built a better hybrid, but instead chose something that simply doesn't match the MKZ's overall quality. Lincoln has finally come up with a winner in the luxury hybrid department.



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