Comments - Smokey Minivan Burnout Ends Poorly

Published: Jun 19, 2010
Description: A minvan is hardly anyone's idea of a dream car. The genre has been a favorite of soccer moms, and the symbol of giving up for older car guys for years now. For young people however, getting a car of...
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Frederick Perez Jul 03, 2011
We love this car! It handles great and with a decent horsepower; good mpg.
Description: The result is rather unfortunate. We can't tell if they planned on gunning this thing until it broke, or if it was an accident, but either way the sounds of the blown transmission as it tries to limp ...
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Felix Xavier Gonzalez Franco Jul 11, 2012
The car is great looking but Mazda should have spent more time and money on the interior. Because that Navigation sucks it's so tiny and I know safety is great but it sucks.
Daniel Young Aug 02, 2014
Vv nope!
Blake Antil Mar 10, 2012
This car is awesome!!! How the hell can u compare a Mazda 3 (or any Mazda for that matter) to a Lexus LFA!?!?