Posted on: Jun 17, 2010
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Heavy Duty is Both Innovative and Luxurious

With a base price starting at almost $30,000 and topping off at $60,000, the Ford Heavy Duty series offers a wide range of innovative and luxury features. For those more familiar with a bare bones workaholic pickup, you'd be surprised to see the creature comforts Ford has pumped into the 21st century Heavy Duty. With toys such as a navigation system, rear-seat DVD entertainment, and dual-zone climate controls, the Heavy Duty may appear to have gone soft.

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Hardly. With innovative features such as a step that drops down from the tailgate providing more efficient access to the truck's bed, (commonly referred to as the "man step") it can support up to 350 pounds and will easily fold away when not in use. With all of the configurations and options available, there's no chance that Ford would ever allow the Super Duty to fall below the standards of so many loyal buyers.

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