Nissan GT-R Hits 143 Just in time For the Police's Radar To Register it

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The dude just bought this car and wanted to show his friends
The owner of this 2010 Nissan GT-R had just purchased it a week before this video was shot and our cameraman wanted to do a 0-60 and an all-out for Youtube. So they get on a highway in Euless, Texas where there are supposedly no cops patrolling and get to the testing. The 0-60 happens no problem, but when they attempt to let her loose that's when things go bad. Right about when they hit the 140's the radar lights up in that tone where you know it's not a ghost read. They got nabbed, but the police gave them a pass with a mere $300 ticket.
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A slap on the wrist for more than doubling the speed limit. Watch it here.