Posted on: Dec 08, 2010
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Porsche Promises Spectacular New Car for Detroit

Although Porsche hasn't participated in the Detroit Auto Show since 2007, the German automaker is not only returning for 2011, but they're also promising to unveil a "spectacular" new vehicle at the show next month.

Last month in LA, Porsche introduced the Cayman R, so we can rule that car out. This leaves a few possibilities to the identity of this mystery car. Based on what projects we know Porsche is currently working on, this car could be:

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The just-approved Cajun baby SUV in concept form, the next 911 (998 Series), and possibly, the next generation Boxer or a production version of the 918 Spyder. More than likely, the latter two will premier at Geneva this March, so my guess is that we'll be seeing the new 911. This would make perfect sense considering how important the US market is for Porsche. For last year, 25 percent of their sales came from American buyers and this year is shaping up to be even better, with a 29 percent increase so far.