2000 F-350 7.3L with TS Performance Mod is the Ultimate Ass Kicker!

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This upgrade provide 6 different power settings at the turn of a knob
Here's a 2000 Ford F-350 7.3L that may have Powerstrokers from around the globe itching to get them one of these set ups. The truck has been modified with a TS performance chip that turns it into an adjustable beast, depending on what mood you're in. There's a switch just under the steering wheel that allows for 6 different power settings. The first setting is the stock truck in all its glory. The second kicks up the rpms for a nice morning warm-up in the winter. Then the next 4 are all about power, with the highest setting pushing out an addition 140 horsepower.
Watch this dude take it out for a joyride.

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