Comments - RENM Steps Up To The R8

Published: Dec 04, 2010
Description: There is a depressing lack of Australian tuners out there. I say this because the Melbourne-based RENM has done excellent work with the Audi R8, and we would clearly benefit from more of this kind of ...
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KeRon Jones Dec 07, 2010
Do u know what they are? Carbon fiber!!!!
Brian Ayala Dec 04, 2010
I'm liking those wheels..
Description: If you have one of the 518hp V10 models of the R8, you have a choice between a 557hp upgrade and the supercharger kit with its 600hp. As you would expect, there is a body kit to give the R8 a more agg...
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Brian Ayala Dec 04, 2010
No tuner company can top PPI's R8 gtr-10. But this car stock will always be sexy.
Jamie England Dec 04, 2010
Is the carbon steering wheel new
Brian Ayala Dec 04, 2010
I can't get enough of this interior.
Jan Kubecka Dec 04, 2010
Doesn't look as though they did much with the interior I can compare because my grandad has one I LOVE THIS CAR!!!