Toyota Does Their Own Arctic Expedition

It seems like everybody has been out to prove that the Toyota Hilux is indestructible. Everyone except Toyota themselves, that is. With everybody from the Taliban to Top Gear singing the truck's praises, Toyota has finally decided to get into the game. Toyota took four Hilux's to Arctic Trucks, the same Icelandic company which modified Top Gear's Hilux's for a trip to the North Pole and to the edge of an active volcano.

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New tires and heating systems were among the modifications, but the engines went completely unmodified. The four-truck convoy took a team of scientists from the Indian National Centere for Antarctic and Ocean Research to the South Pole for some snow-related experimentation. The trip lasted four weeks and covered over 4,600 km. Toyota might not be getting very many points for originality with this expedition, but if they had to imitate someone, we're glad they picked Top Gear and not the Taliban.