Description: When you run a farm you got lots of duties, and sometimes all the equipment is being used at the same time. But that's why you keep yourself a big old Dodge Cummins around, just in case it needs to p...
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Robert Bobo Ostojić Dec 27, 2010
Even better,MaRussia CCCP-continiously clever controlled power
Robert Bobo Ostojić Dec 27, 2010
Name is perfect,MaRussia
Jamie England Dec 26, 2010
Maybe it has a huge turbo/supercharger
Andy Rogers Dec 26, 2010
A V6? That's a bit disappointing I was expecting a V8 or V10
Description: The land of the free
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Josh Cypert Jan 30, 2011
Daaaaaaaaaamn these cars are amazing!!!
Mikal Goodall Jan 28, 2011
My lord that cars sexy as hell!!!!
Ariel Nunez Del Pino Jan 04, 2011
They got some class.
Danny Honohan Jan 02, 2011
These cars are freaking insanely BEAUTIFUL! nice!
Robert Lantz Dec 27, 2010
The yellow one looks kind of like Lamborghini
Robert Bobo Ostojić Dec 26, 2010
Finally,russians have decided to put all of their ingeniosity to something usable.
Albert Einsteins Dec 26, 2010
I am showing some love for the red one actually
Tim van Leerdam Dec 26, 2010
I think matte black would look good
Andy Rogers Dec 26, 2010
I like the shape of the yellow one better, but not the color It needs to be orange!
Kenneth Williams Dec 26, 2010
The grey version Looks very menacing. I like.
Michael Conkey Dec 27, 2010
A v6 puttin out 420? Dang
Anthony Noon Dec 26, 2010
I would call it a sports car but far from super car. Stock four door lux cars have 20% and more hp then this thing. I'm sure the balance from the rear mounted engine would be fun but supercar? No! If they sold this thing for $70k and less it would
Erik Olsen Dec 26, 2010
A supercar with a cvt? Not so much.
Andy Rogers Dec 26, 2010
Hmm A Cosworth V6? That's more like it!
Micah Campbell Feb 08, 2011
I love it!! The front looks like the bill of a duck lol
Kevin Watson Feb 05, 2011
It's looks like the that car with the one seat in the middle.
Becca Fracassa Dec 28, 2010
Ohhhh. Looks like a mosquito on the hood and headlights. Idk, not so much.
Samuel Ka Dec 27, 2010
zonda front mix with enzo design and an r8 gas cap
Robert Bobo Ostojić Dec 26, 2010
The but is like Fords GT 50 ,which is nice
Dean Kaitson Dec 26, 2010
It looks like a mix of Ferrari Lamborghini Corvette and Bugatti
Albert Einsteins Dec 26, 2010
I love the back and side but the front could use little bid better lines
Luke Penner Dec 26, 2010
I like the steep slope at the front, like a zonda
Scott M Allen Dec 26, 2010
Beautiful unique design. I love it