Description: Here we are somewhere where rules don't matter and souped up ricers can knock the pants of of beastly supercars. That was the goal here anyway. This guy turned his daily commuter civic into a sleeper...
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Jommel Marcella Dec 25, 2012
Hi from 2012.
Yatish Wentink Dec 11, 2012
Reading this at christmas 2012 and still using CarBuzz daily. +1
Anthony Surdo Dec 25, 2010
Thank you everyone at CarBuzz. Merry Christmas!!!
Kyle Kennedy Dec 25, 2010
Merry Xmas guys!!! Thanks for providing the very best car news year round. Have a happy holidays and a grey new year!
Christopher Welter Dec 25, 2010
Merry Christmas car buzz ! Keep up the great work!
Description: Watch it happen
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Manton Broom Dec 25, 2010
Thanx Carbuzz for all the latest news and daily updates! You guys are AWESOME!!!