Comments - Video: GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept

Published: Dec 21, 2010
Description: It looks like GMC has set their sights on dethroning the Ford Raptor as the ultimate off-road truck. The GMC Sierra All Terrain HD doesn't really have a name that rolls off the tongue quite as re...
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Fahad Faris Alajmi Jul 04, 2012
Will the normal Z71design will change in 2013 ???
Duncan Gibson Aug 31, 2011
Brian ur WRONG!!!! And I like it's looks but it really shoulddnt ever even see a raptor.
Jared Burton Aug 21, 2011
The raptor is so much better than this piece of crap... Gmc and chevrolet just like ford so much that they make their cars and trucks look like fords.
James Buster Feb 01, 2011
I wish the raptor had a supercharger
James Buster Feb 01, 2011
Its not a svt so it is not a high preformance car
James Buster Feb 01, 2011
My dads raptor looks so much better
Brian Gordon Jan 04, 2011
GMC is better than dodge and ford
AJ Haverly Dec 25, 2010
I hope u guys relize this has a diesel motor so it will be by far more powerful than the raptor but I would still choose the raptor over this.
Bill Gray Dec 25, 2010
Guys, quit y'all bitchin' & cryin' please. Alls I'm sayin' is they both are cool trucks & I want one of each please....DODGE....any responce from your neck of the woods??
Robert Lantz Dec 25, 2010
And plus Owen the GMC will beat the raptor only in some challenges like towing the GMC off road the raptor both are for different uses
Robert Lantz Dec 25, 2010
They tried to make a better truck than us
Robert Lantz Dec 25, 2010
No Owen they did not I checked the style of the 2007 ford f150 and the grill did not look like this at all for crying out loud my dads work truck is a f150 it does not look like the grill we were talking about the grill get your facts right
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 24, 2010
@Robert. Also this 404 Silverado/Seirra thing your talking about. I presume your referring to horsepower. How did ford copy it? Because I see no way at all.
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 24, 2010
@Andy. I doubt this truck would just be meant for towing. Why would GM build a truck they already have? Why doesn't the concept have a tow hich? This is deffinatly their version of the Raptor as the article shows.
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 24, 2010
If you look up what SVT did to the Raptor and what it can do then you will find that it's probably one of the toughest trucks ever made and will easily beat this GM. Just take a look at the Raptor in baja. Far better looking than the GM too.
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 24, 2010
As for the widened grill it's obvious what it's for. But what happened to Chevy/GM's signature split grill? Why did the have to make it look like Fords? Even the skidplate and bumper on this truck are ideas from ford.
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 24, 2010
@Robert. I see your point about the Chevy & GMC thing. Also if you pay attention to "facts" the fords started looking like this in 2004. Chevy/GM deffinatly copied them. It's just what they do.
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
@Cameron dude honestly read my comment better it says that chevy/GMC made the 404 silverado/Sierra so that makes ford making a truck better than that and I wouldn't be talking your parents or you when you pay the govt you buy a little share of GM
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
@Owen know you fact before you say it it's just a widened grill for better air flow yea that's really coping
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
@owen also I don't know anything about the raptor cause I don't like ford and at a distance the Sierra looks like a ford but the 2007 model came out first before the fords looked like that
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
@Owen i know that chevy and GMC is the same company not the same thing do you see GMC version of impala Malibu GMC only does the crossovers to trucks on the chevy line up
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
I read about it somewhere else. This isn't meant to do the same TGIF as the Raptor. It's meant more for heavy duty towing and what not. Others' words, not mine
Kelly Farrell Dec 22, 2010
Andy: this isnt made for buisness, this is made to copy FMC's great idea for the raptor, if an offroad truck was GM's idea than this truck would of been for sale three years ago
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
This isn't meant to dethrone the Raptor. The Raptor is more for fun and this is more for business
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 21, 2010
Like even look at their styling. From a short distance you would think that is a Ford.
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 21, 2010
Yeah, Robert you obviously know nothing about the Raptor. And GMC and Chevy are the same thing. Believe it or not. All I'm saying is they wait for Ford to take a risk and then they copy Fords lead and make a Chevy version. It's plain to see.
Cameron Katoozi Dec 21, 2010
Robert u obviously don't understand that the raptor was made before this concept
Robert Lantz Dec 21, 2010
@Owen ford copied chevy and gmc first we made the 404 chevy/gmc silverado/sierra and that brings it down that ford copied us by trying to make a car as good they made the raptor only 7hp more and did some changes to the truck to make for off road
Tristan Walk Dec 21, 2010
This is GMC, not chevy..
Tyler Watkins Dec 21, 2010
He ment they copied the mustang
Garrick Caperton Dec 21, 2010
You're dumb, obviously gm doesn't make the mustang so they can't copy it
Owen Matthew Tiernan Dec 21, 2010
Agreed. Raptor FTW! Chevy just copies ford. Copy the raptor, copy the retro styling mustang. The list goes on.
Rob Ben Jan 03, 2013
I want this truck so bad it looks way better than the raptor and can go more places
Evan Cook Jun 17, 2012
@Andy Rogers: the Chevy silverado and gmc sierra combined outsell the f150 pickup and since silverado and Sierra are the same truck you obviously you don't know what you're talking about.
Dustin Harrison Feb 11, 2012
i love this truck i want one so bad
George Gold Sep 15, 2011
You guys are from florida and California come to montana were we actually use trucks for there real purpose, getting shit done, unlike you guys who just use Them as some bad ass car to take to the beach
Ryan Patrick Clauson May 20, 2011
Bet you this will go into the chevy platform before the GMC platform
Michael Ballard Dec 24, 2010
Diesel in floridas almost 3.50 while gas is about 2.90
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
Reg almost hit 99 cents
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
@Michael I just checked the price on diesel and my bad it's cost more no but hey my truck runs on E85 ethanol that's like 2 bucks man I wish the prices in California lowered again it almost hit 99 cents that one time
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
I don't know if they put this in this truck so my facts my be wrong
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
Hey I have a silverado and it has a V4 and V8 mode to when you need the power it goes into V8 mode when your just crusin you'll be in V4 mode new feature to chevy saves alot of gas but my foots heavy so I get an average mpg of 12
Michael Ballard Dec 23, 2010
But it's not cheaper either genius
Steven Stuer Dec 23, 2010
@Michael he did not say better on gas, he said cheaper.
Michael Ballard Dec 22, 2010
Which is a nice way of saying copying
Anthony Surdo Dec 22, 2010
This is a sweet looking truck. And GMC didn't copy the Raptor. It's called competition.
Michael Ballard Dec 22, 2010
@lantz U r dreaming if you think that since this trucks a diesel that its better on gas. That is complete bullshit
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
I'm just not sure about the quality of GMs. I know Cadillacs are crap for their price, but that's it
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
Forgot to add in "I know what I'm talking about" Now if you include reliability, Ford is still not that far behind. But GM is way behind (includes their whole US range from Chevy to Cadillac)
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
And being driven in or owning several Toyotas over the year. With my 4Runner, it is very bland to say the least, even for the year. And with my mom's Venza, it's nice, but I've noticed some places where I can tell Toyota has cut some costs
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
They've both caught up, or at least Ford has. And the quality of the interior is a small part of what makes a good truck. Again, if it was a crappy truck, people wouldn't keep buying the F150
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
The Ford F150 is the best selling truck both today and (I think) of all time. If it was crap, people wouldn't have kept buying it
Dustin Morison Dec 21, 2010
Your all retarded, first of all ford makes a better truck second of all general motors owns both Chevy and GMC so get your damn facts right before you put somthing stupid on this blog
Cameron Katoozi Dec 21, 2010
Diego Pasotti Dec 21, 2010
@ Jorge I think your the idiot! by saying GMC is better than Chevrolet.
John McFadden Dec 21, 2010
Ehh it's nice but I would not have it
Lawrence Federink Dec 21, 2010
@Matthew. You just said "to all you ford haters" now if you also just told them to drive off a cliff so that you could pull them out with a chevy, doesn't that make your entire comment contradictory? You just proved that chevy guys don't have brains
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Dec 21, 2010
To all you ford haters go hop in your raptor and drive it off a cliff then when you need help getting out of thus said cliff we'll be there with our chevys to point and laugh
Robert Lantz Dec 21, 2010
You really don't get it the make the same cars as the other bcuz they are competing to have the better car and this car is better it's diesel which is cheaper on fuel and it's not about who copied this car and if they look the same its your loyalty
Alex Malliet Dec 21, 2010
Ford blows though, so I'll have to say this looks wicked awesome
Carlo Guerrero Dec 21, 2010
Ridgeline front end?!
Austin Bride Dec 21, 2010
Won't be able to beat the ford.
Kristoff Sarkari Dec 21, 2010
Looks cool but cant perform like te raptor Did u see the top gear episode on it
Andy Rogers Dec 21, 2010
I agree. I like the looks if the F150 Raptor too. An I'm not even a pick-up guy!
Alex Mabbott Dec 21, 2010
That is a good looking truck
Description: Torque, on the other hand is a staggering 765 ft-lbs. Quite a good number to have when going off road. Also good to have will be the 110-volt outlet and the air compressor which come standard.
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Steven Stuer Dec 23, 2010
Diesels put out tons of low-end torque. That's what makes a diesel so nice. The engine in this is the same as the normal HD diesel.
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Dec 21, 2010
765 ft-lbs of torque Jesus man
Dallas Hughes Jan 24, 2011
I'd buy it, matter of fact make that two!
Ryan Wagner Jan 24, 2011
Looks nothing like an avalanche
Landon Jones Jan 13, 2011
Looks a tad bit like an avalanche. Lol
Grant McHendry Jan 10, 2011
This is the ugliest truck!
Bill Gray Dec 25, 2010
I love this truck. Ever I would be stupid enough to go out and buy anything new, this would be it.
Albert Einsteins Dec 22, 2010
Has little similar look to that hummer truck if anyone remembers it
Stephen Ishard Dec 21, 2010
Lower horse but kills ford in torque but doesn't look as good at all
Kristoff Sarkari Dec 21, 2010
Damn nice truck I love it n want one But the raptor is better
Description: Tests run by the press have shown the Raptor to be a highly capable machine, it remains to be seen if it will have anything to fear from this new Sierra, but we think it probably will.
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Kristoff Sarkari Dec 21, 2010
Raptor is better offroading and speed This just hauls and carries more So get this if u actually work ur truck But get the raptor is u just like enjoying driving in a huge ass beast
Andy Rogers Dec 21, 2010
In other words: the Raptor is more for fun and this is more for business
Andy Rogers Dec 21, 2010
I read about this on the SPEED Network app. It's not meant to do the same thing the Raptor is meant to do. It's meant more for towing and going across tough terrains in a more "sophisticated" manor (useful) than Baja off-roading with the Raptor
Stevie Wright Mar 04, 2011
sierra and silverado both better looking trucks than f-150 f-150 is ugly
Josh Schmitter Dec 31, 2010
The Raptor is based on the f150 platform where as the GMC is based on the HD platform. The GMC is more of a work platform where as the Ford is more of a bash and play design.
Josh Schmitter Dec 31, 2010
Actually the "rambox" originally appeared on the avalanche, dodge copied it from gm. This truck actually has been in the works long before the raptor. It's actually not meant to compete with it. They are made for different purposes.
Luis Lujan Dec 31, 2010
A rambox from dodge and too many things to name from Ford. This thing is too contrived and thankfully still looks a lot like what it is: a concept; though not much of a concept if there are no advances or original additions. Boo on GMC. Ford is king.
Robert Lantz Dec 27, 2010
@Bill he said that chevy and GMC 1500 trucks out sell F150
Bill Gray Dec 25, 2010
Josh speaks the real outsells chevy...not in Texas!
Josh Schmitter Dec 23, 2010
Everybody says the Ford f150 is the best selling truck, but when you put the gmc Sierra and the chevy 1500 together they outsell the ford by almost 2 to 1
Anthony Surdo Dec 22, 2010
Thank you Tom! You are completely right
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
That's exactly what this is meant for. Sort of like a work truck for people who need to tow stuff through super tough terrain I've read about it in other places. Not just the SPEED app now....
Malcolm Bryant Dec 22, 2010
Lol a ram box damn GM sucks
Nick Benz Dec 22, 2010
At least the raptor can justify its wheelbase by being associated with desert racing. With the sierra youll just be able to pull a shit ton through some deep mud.
Nick Benz Dec 22, 2010
Even though the avalanche is a turd, it doesnt matter. Do you even know what long travel is? The sierra isnt built for desert racing like the raptor. And good luck getting around any tight corners or narrow shelf roads with a mile long wheelbase.
Andy Rogers Dec 22, 2010
I'm going to have to agree with Jeffrey on that topic
Jeffrey BeDell Dec 21, 2010
The avalanche was a ugly overpriced turd is this long travel like the raptor or just a beefed up wheeler?
Tom Franquelli Dec 21, 2010
And all the other statistics. As in, combining idea from all of them. Not copying.
Tom Franquelli Dec 21, 2010
Yeah I really don't feel it's a matter of copying each other. Ford threw down the gauntlet with the Raptor, and this GM's response, to show what they can do to their trucks. The best truck would be the one that balances a need for features with power
Kyle Wyatt Dec 21, 2010
GM actually did it "first" with the Chevy Avalanche
Daniel Fryman Dec 21, 2010
Now they are copying dodge
Will Sanger Jan 13, 2011
I think the rims make the truck.
Jeremy Saffell Jan 03, 2011
For some reason the rear end remind me of the old fors super cheif concept
Paul Propps Dec 26, 2010
Michael y don't u do some research or better yet go to a gm dealership and look at the differences before u start calling people idiots
AJ Haverly Dec 25, 2010
Let's all remember dodge had this idea years ago it's called the power wagon
Bill Gray Dec 25, 2010
Let's see how this thing sells. That will say which is better, and what will DODGE do?
Robert Lantz Dec 24, 2010
Jesus where are you you guys are stupid theres a difference the body panels is different and the front panels and rear panels and the fact that it is a GMC I know there the same brand but I like Chevy better
Tristan Walk Dec 23, 2010
The headlights are not exactly identical.. The turn signal is on the outer side of the headlight on the chevy, inner side with the GMC. Same with the rear, back up light between the two brake lights on Chevy, beneath both brake lights on the GMC.
Michael Ballard Dec 22, 2010
Are u stupid? The only difference between GMC and chevy is the grill. The headlights are identical u idiot
Paul Propps Dec 22, 2010
Ya u can because there is a lot different between the 2 including the front grill, front and rear lights, hood and a lot more
Jake Lyons Dec 22, 2010
You can't really compare the two brands they're both GM
Paul Propps Dec 22, 2010
Gmc looks way better than chevy
Robert Lantz Dec 21, 2010
Man I can just imagine that being a silverado it will be a beast