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Published: Dec 02, 2010
Description: The Audi RS5 is one of our favorites, and it's become even more desirable after MTM created a package specifically designed for the sports car. The company offers a performance package which cons...
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Andy Rogers Dec 02, 2010
I like who there's already somebody tuning a pretty new car
Description: For an extra cost, MTM offers nine-spoked Bimoto rims that are available in 19'', 20'' and 21''. The total price for this package is $3,906.
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Albert Einsteins Dec 02, 2010
I would buy it the way it is off the lot
Anthony Noon Dec 02, 2010
MTM's stuff is so expensive! I chose APR and AWE for my tuning.
Andy Rogers Dec 02, 2010
Whatever... I was tired when I said that, couldn't sleep Still a bit tired now
Andy Rogers Dec 02, 2010
Those words came from TG? Huh, it's rubbing off on me now Saloon, coupe; 4doors, 2doors AH! whatever, best looking car in it's class IMO, that's better
Ben Matthews Dec 02, 2010
Hahaha hahaha Bahahaha!!!!!!!
Michael Ioia Dec 02, 2010
If your going to steel words from Top Gear at least use them correctly. 4-door cars are referenced as Saloon's. Unless there 2 more doors hiding somewhere this is a coupe.
Andy Rogers Dec 02, 2010
The RS5 does look pretty good Best looking sports saloon in its class IMO
Tyler Serrano Dec 13, 2010
Those rims looks so beast