GM Announces Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative Plan

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Although plug-in advocates still prefer their EVs, GM has continued research in Hydrogen fueling technology. GM and The Gas Company have announced that 10 organizations have joined the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative, a new plan to have up to 25 H2 stations in Oahu and its 1 million residents by 2015.

According to TGC president and CEO Jeff Kissel: "Hydrogen, used as a fuel, will reduce our dependence on petroleum starting today."
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Some of the 10 new partners involved are: The state Department of Business, Economic Develop and Tourism, U.S. Department of Energy, FuelCell Energy, Aloha Petroleum Ltd, and U.S. Pacific Command, supported by the U.S. Pacific Fleet, U.S. Pacific Air Forces, U.S. Army Pacific, and the Marine Forces. EV advocates are not especially thrilled with this new partnership and are initiating sort of a rallying call to fellow followers in order to boost their cause and denounce Hydrogen fueling technology.

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