Description: Greece isn't only about 500-year old olive trees and boutique oil shops. In fact there's a crew out there who absolutely love their Hondas. In fact, the Honda Performance club in Greece is all about ...
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Description: Let's go to the video tape
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Dylan Arms Dec 15, 2010
I swear, every car Audi makes has the sickest front end. They got it down.
Drew Weigel Dec 11, 2010
Why does Audi look so good
Albert Einsteins Dec 11, 2010
Lol to bojevas comment...I think the color combination is unique and it looks cool
Andy Kleschick Dec 11, 2010
Maybe because I overstate the obvious?
Kyle Noland Dec 11, 2010
I think thr colors on this car fall into line very nice!
Andy Kleschick Dec 11, 2010
I don't like the color combo shown. I know others will be available, but I think the black just doesn't go with the whitish/cream and orange. Although, those two latter colors make me hungry for an orange cream Popsicle.