Comments - NOVITEC Tunes Abarth 500

Published: Dec 01, 2010
Description: Last time we reported on the Abarth 500, we thought that there's no way anyone could do a better job at tuning this car. Now comes in NOVITEC, and they've just released an enhancement progra...
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Description: As for power, NOVITEC engine experts have developed difference performance stages for the Abarth 500's 1.4-liter T-Jet four-cylinder plant, ranging between 164 horsepower and 212 horsepower. Call...
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Max Brady Mar 22, 2011
Thats allot of power for such a small car.
Scott Harrington Dec 20, 2010
I'm sure it could do that. it's a mad light car
Ray Lockhart Dec 02, 2010
They were going down hill to get that 6.8
Anthony Noon Dec 01, 2010
Slow and ugly perfectly useless.