SEMA 2010: Scion Lineup

Culver City, California was the scene for Scion's preview of part of its planned SEMA Show lineup. Outside the art gallery hosting the event was parked an xB that was transformed into a limousine by Cartel Customs. It sounds ridiculous, but critics who were in attendance are raving about it. The rear suicide doors open to comfortable interior space outfitted with a TV, bar and wrap-around sofa. There was also a Scion xB turned mobile DJ booth, a leftover from the 2009 SEMA Show.

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Two sporty 2011 tCs were also seen, one by GReddy and the other by Crawford Performance. Meanwhile, another xB was parked across the room, and was called the Salty Dog. It was customized by the U.S. Navy as part of Scion's Battle of the Builds. The Marines, Army, and Navy all put together cars that will be voted on in Vegas. Who knew that Scion would be packing so much excitement for the SEMA Show.