Posted on: Nov 29, 2010
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Possible Porsche-Bentley Cooperation

I am, and have always been a huge fan of the Porsche 911, ever since I was old enough to be able to tell one car from another. This makes me part of that group of people who cringe every time we hear that the Stuttgart badge is being used on anything other than a pure sports car. Needless to say, when Porsche CEO Matthias Muller said there was a possibility of working with Bentley to develop a common architecture, I got nervous.

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What really threw me into a panic though, was when Muller talked about possible future variants of the Panamera as "maybe a van, a combi, or something else". That's right, a Porsche van with a possible Bentley-badged version. Whichever one of the two might be in your price range, you wouldn't have to be as devoted a fan as myself to recognize such a thing as an abomination.