Description: The Dodge T-Rex is a 6X6 monster of a truck, powered by an 8L Magnum V10 Engine. Though it was rated at 300 horsepower, it is believe there's more power behind the scenes than we may think and the gu...
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Deepti Sameesha Bhattarai Dec 14, 2010
Aston Martin mmmmm... Drooling. :) looove it.
Description: Leave it for buggies big boy, save you efforts for the mud.
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Cornelio Ecuacion Jan 01, 2011
Jaws drop to the floor beautiful. I think this is the best looking car ever made.
Vincent Meert Dec 17, 2010
The cygnet w'll be faster ;a
Faraz Saleem Dec 10, 2010
This is 2 door airbus......
Anthony Noon Dec 08, 2010
Hey Ben, take a look at pg 75 in Jan 2011 C&D it states that everyone is using led running lights since audi STARTED the trend and that audi still does it the best. Love being right.
Christopher Hamilton Dec 01, 2010
Will someone please give me one of these car for Christmas! Please
Scott Ireland Nov 30, 2010
Ohh my this car is awsome and the led lights nice touch and i hear a v12 I think so
Ben Matthews Nov 30, 2010
Actually make the claim that Audi copied The Fast and The Furious since you could but LED kits almost 10 years ago. It's also not copying when you can take something and make it better while also making it your own. I.e. Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche...
Ben Matthews Nov 30, 2010
I believe those 5 LEDs are called blinkers, which are legally required and serve a pretty important role. And Audi is in no way a "cheap" car brand. Whether it's cheaper than Aston or not. And LED technology has been around for years so you can
Lance Walsh Nov 29, 2010
Damn all those copycats who copied the whole putting wheels on a cart and putting an engine in it.
Diego Pasotti Nov 29, 2010
That's one slow car.
Anthony Noon Nov 29, 2010
Yea but wipers and other technologies were adopted for safety and became required. The small 3 LEDs under are not doing anything for illumination it's all for style and when a style is copied it comes off as cheesy especially when you copy it from a
Ben Matthews Nov 29, 2010
So did everyone copy seatbelts, intermittent wipers, and cruise control? It's called technology. Same thing with LCD TVs. It's a good idea so companies use it. And now we have.......wait for it........LED TVs!!! Whatdya know.
Anthony Noon Nov 29, 2010
I know but audi started it and it looks good. Everyone else just copied it.
Anthony Noon Nov 29, 2010
I said it before and I'll say it again. Every company is intergrading LEDs into their headlights
Nick Graf Dec 06, 2010
Only 120,000? I'll take 3!
Penny Lau Nov 30, 2010
I call this a piece of art. The price sounds right, but I hope it is not in pounds or euro tho.
Ben Matthews Nov 30, 2010
This is a V8. Read the first page again.
Andrew Hagan Nov 29, 2010
An I marry it please
Andy Rogers Nov 29, 2010
180k! That's a lot! Well what currency? Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Pesos, Yen?
Danila Kormushin Nov 29, 2010
Aston's design is classical and elegant, yet very masculine :)