Mercedes Introduces Hydrogen Car For People Who Are Not You

Hydrogen has the potential to become the fuel that ultimately replaces fossil fuels in our cars. Even though most experts tell us that this won't be a realistic goal for several more years, a few automakers have given us examples of hydrogen cars. By "us" I don't mean us, of course. The people who get these kinds of cars are always those who can ensure that they show up at all the right parties.

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This will now be true of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL as well. That's kind of a shame, since hydrogen has zero emissions at the tailpipe, same as a Nissan Leaf, but doesn't suffer from the laughable impracticalities inherent in a battery-powered car. An electric car that isn't a huge annoyance sounds great, but it will still be a long way off for you and me. In the meantime, look for the B-Class F-CELL at all the hippest parties.