Video Featuring Student Designed IED McLaren Crossovers

Turin's Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) has recently teamed up with McLaren to come up with designs for what a possible McLaren crossover would look like in the year 2020. Before the comments begin, this should come as no surprise. With exclusive automakers like Porsche having done SUVs (Lamborghini and Maserati aren't far behind), it would only make sense for McLaren to explore the idea to keep up their exclusive image.

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The students were required to have their concepts include technology such as hybrid powertrains, mid-engine layouts, two-seat cabins, and four-wheel drive. A total of 33 designs were submitted and 11 finalists were later chosen. There were three winners at the end.

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Called the Holon, Torok, and Bio Renovatio, each one was made into a 1:4 scale model. While they have polarizing designs, they are nonetheless a preview as to what may be in store for future high-performance crossovers.