Leaf Priced at $51,000 in Switzerland

The latest news from the imminent release of the all-new Nissan Leaf comes from Switzerland. In the U.S., the Leaf starts at a reasonable $32,780, but this final price after government refunds and incentives leaves the Leaf ringing in at just $25,280. In Japan, the Leaf will cost consumers an estimated $36,800 after deducting government incentives. The story is similar in the UK, but in Switzerland customers will expect a $52,000 price tag for the same EV.

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In fact, the Leaf costs nearly $6K more than the Mitsubishi i-MiEV in Switzerland. What's more is that unlike the U.S. or Japanese governments, the Swiss government is one of a handful of European governments that get by without substantial government subsidies for electric vehicles. Interestingly enough, Nissan says that it remains optimistic that Swiss consumers will still be drawn to buy the Leaf, and the ordering period will still open on December 1st.


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