Audi Dropping Plans For S1, Building RS1 Instead

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I always get excited when I hear about a new RS model from Audi. Even though the A1 isn't coming to the US, I was still excited to hear that there would be an RS model for 2012. The RS1 is meant to compete with the Mini Cooper JCW, and will be able to offer up (slightly) more power coming from Audi's excellent 2.0 TFSI engine. That horsepower number will be 211, compared to the Cooper's 208. Not a big difference.
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Just remember that with the Germans you always have to look at torque figures in order to get the whole story. Here we find a huge 258 lb-ft. for the Audi, easily eclipsing the paltry 207 ld-ft from the Mini. Styling changes are typically Audi, more aggressive without being overly flashy. Minis sold in the US might be safe from the RS1, but you can expect the competition in to fierce in Europe. Photos displayed are of the 2011 Audi A1