Posted on: Nov 10, 2010
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Ford Wants to Rebuild Lincoln Lineup

Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally has been successful in tackling Ford's debt and reducing it by $10.8 billion this year. The automaker has also reported six consecutive quarters of profits despite the current economic situation. All this has happened since taking over as CEO in 2006. In a recent interview, Mulally explained that while Ford is in the midst of closing down Mercury, it's simultaneously planning to rebuild Lincoln into a competitve luxury brand.

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He stated that Ford has chosen now to revitalize Lincoln as a luxury maker, and that the rebuilding it will be in three parts. The luxury part Ford has down, but the automaker needs to focus more on a distribution system where Lincoln stores are situated in the right places, where the luxury-minded customers are. Mulally went on to state that there will be a complete overhaul of the Lincoln vehicle platform with completely differentiated models. When pressed for more details, Mulally resisted by only stating that there won't be a "warmed-over, rebadged Ford Escape."