Comments - Powerstoke Showing its Muscle in the Muds of Louisiana

Published: Oct 21, 2010
Description: For those of you who love those serious Ford Tough Powerstoke powerhouses this video may make you touch yourself. Down in Louisiana there's more than just beads and boobs, crawfish and gumbo. There's...
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Swamy Goose Hoof Oct 24, 2010
We have one of those just bought the other day great car
Bryan Peters Oct 21, 2010
Yea even to much for a Russian car
Julio Rivero Manzur Oct 21, 2010
wow! that's a pretty hefty price tag!
Description: Take a look for yourself
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Tyler Cook Nov 02, 2010
Oops, sorry! the Danish got this one right.
Tyler Cook Nov 02, 2010
The Russians got this one right
Bryan Peters Oct 21, 2010
It can't be all that power full Michelin pilots. HA
Dan Goodman Dec 07, 2013
Lathufan Marjan Oct 21, 2010
leave it to the russians to use something like that lol
Teresa Cunha Oct 21, 2010
eww gross. poor whales
rowhan116 Nov 08, 2012
pretty mean looking
Samantra Cheekii Dec 31, 2010
Dannish or Russian??
Kyle Shuang Lee Nov 15, 2010
OMG get it right. This one is the Danish one. The armored truck one is russian.
David Harris Oct 22, 2010
yep, the racing one us danish the other one that looks like a jeep is russian
Tobias Mersinger Oct 22, 2010
No, russians can't make cars like that. It's the Zenvo and it's danish... No whale-forskin here...
Shaylen Kumar Patel Oct 21, 2010
Who knew the Russians could make a bad ass looking car
Julius Mong Oct 21, 2010
That's one mean mach
Sami Zeroug Oct 21, 2010
5 gauges?! looks a little intimidating